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The Platform

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Telemedicine for everyone

With accessibility in mind, we have made telemedicine extremely easy to use for both clinicians and patients. simply works in all major desktop and mobile browsers. No download or install required.

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Clinic-optimized workflows has been built for providers and adapts many important clinical workflows to empower your clinic and team of providers in delivering better care.

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List of telemedicine security features like HIPAA, SOC2 and encryption
Security you can rely on
Fully HIPAA compliant
GDPR compliant
SOC2 certified
End-end encrypted
Free BAA
Enterprise grade security

HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH compliant: We meet worldwide security requirements. A free BAA is also included in every plan.

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Our impact in numbers

minutes of telemedicine have been delivered by providers through already.

What clinicians say about helped me seamlessly pivot my practice to the virtual space and has completely shifted my practice for the long term. It's perfect to have such a wonderful and accessible tool for clinicians and clients alike.
Sarah Murray, LCSW
Heart Wild Therapy, LLC
quote is an excellent online platform. I’ve used it consistently for about 4 years now with my private practice clients. It’s been an invaluable part of my practice.
Sean Williams, LCSW
Feeling Good Institute
Using has enabled me to grow my private practice and offer therapeutic services to clients throughout California. The technology is excellent and very user friendly. I would recommend to any practicing clinician.
Dr. Lisa Talerico, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

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And experience the impact of telemedicine within your organisation.

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