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Therapist perspectives on telehealth-based virtual reality exposure therapy
Experienced telemental health therapists had positive reactions to VR and creative ideas for clinical application of tele-VRET, with some doubts about realism and costs. This cautious excitement can inform the design and implementation of tele-VR for exposure therapy and other innovations in evidence-based mental health care.
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Characterizing Consumer Smartphone Apps for Virtual Reality–Based Exposure Therapy: Content Analysis
16 of the 84 included apps were considered ideal candidates to investigate further as part of treatment due to their accessibility, depiction of phobia-relevant stimuli, low or no cost, and high user scores. While none of the apps were designed for clinical use, evaluation of these accessible smartphone apps is needed to understand the clinical potential of accessible VRET solutions.
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The Symbiosis of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Telemental Health: A Review
While in-person exposure therapy is the current gold standard treatment for phobias, clinic-based VRET has emerged as an equally effective and more flexible treatment option. Recent advances in consumer-oriented VR and remote health care create ideal conditions to accelerate research and development of telehealth-based VRET.
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Extended Reality for Enhanced Telehealth During and Beyond COVID-19: Viewpoint
In this viewpoint, we highlight research demonstrations of XR telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss future directions to make XR the next evolution of remote health care.
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Exploring telemental health practice before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic
Telemental health providers use telemedicine daily as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with expectations of continuing to use telemedicine in practice after the pandemic.
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Disparities in Patient-Centered Communication via Telemedicine
As telemedicine becomes ubiquitous in health care, innovative solutions are needed to overcome barriers that prevent providers from delivering patient-centered care and patients from feeling satisfied with their remote consultations.
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Provision of Care by “Real World” Telemental Health Providers
Innovative solutions are needed to improve how telemental health providers that endorse following the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment paradigm remotely assign homework and collect clinical data to increase their satisfaction via telemedicine.
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Developing a virtual reality clinic to enhance telemental health
The goal of this project is to develop VR, a user-centered VR solution to enhance usability, engagement, and outcomes in telemental health. We will accomplish this goal by understanding and prioritizing user needs in a mixed-methods design (qual→quant). We will then co-develop a VR prototype for tele-VRET for small animal phobias and conduct a feasibility trial.Learn morearrow black
Teleconsent: Enabling informed consent for remote care and research
The goal of this project is to refine and expand Teleconsent for large-scale deployment on To achieve this objective, we will design Teleconsent enhancements via iterative user research, develop an enhanced Teleconsent interface, test the new Teleconsent features in a user acceptance testing program, and implement Teleconsent to users.Learn morearrow black
Improving adherence to evidence-based practice using an innovative and easy-to-use health IT solution
The major goals of this project are to expand a web-based platform designed to improve provider implementation and patient engagement in homework, or between-session practice of skills learned during therapy, to include new features and therapeutic exercises for adult patients, develop a plan for its implementation and sustainment, and preliminarily evaluate it during a feasibility Optimization, Effectiveness, and Implementation (OEI) Hybrid trial.Learn morearrow black
Improving data capture in clinical research using a chatbot
The major goals of this project are to understand opportunities and barriers among clinical research stakeholders using a chatbot (i.e., Dokbot), and to adapt and iteratively refine a functional prototype of Dokbot for clinical research.Learn morearrow black
Our team of PhDs brings expertise in mixed methods research, intervention and implementation science, and biomedical informatics that will help advance your innovative telemedicine research.
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