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Telehealth Heroes

Join us for a podcast that explores the inspiring stories of individuals who are using telemedicine in extraordinary ways.
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The podcast

Season 2

Cover of telehealth heroes season 2 episode 9 with Dr Gina Sprague-Connors
S2 Ep9 - Expanding telemental healthcare with Dr. Gina Sprague-Connors
Wisconsin-native Dr. Gina Sprague-Connors discovered videoconferencing in high school when she took virtual Advanced Placement courses in preparation for college. Growing up in a rural area, Dr. Sprague-Connors could only access these types of educational opportunities online. She went on to complete her master's and doctorate degrees in psychology and is passionate about providing telemental healthcare in rural communities. In this episode she discusses the benefits of expanding telehealth services in rural areas. Dr. Connors-Sprague is a licensed psychologist with a private practice offering equine-assisted therapy.
cover of the telehealth heroes podcast season 2, episode 7 with guest shawn valenta
S2 Ep7 - Expanding Healthcare Access in Correctional Facilities with Shawn Valenta
Pittsburgh-area native Shawn Valenta, MHA, recalls visiting an incarcerated friend who spent years in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections system. When WellPath asked him to help lead their telehealth program, he jumped at the opportunity to increase access to medical and mental healthcare in jails, prisons, and inpatient residential treatment programs. He talks about the opportunities and challenges of providing care to these vulnerable populations in an interview with CEO and Co-Founder Brandon Welch.
cover of the telehealth heroes podcast season 2, episode 6 with guest shawn valenta
S2 Ep6 - Improving Access and Controlling Costs with Shawn Valenta
Until recently, it was widely accepted that when more people use healthcare services, costs inevitably go up. In his role as Administrator of Telehealth at the Medical University of South Carolina, Shawn Valenta, MHA, discovered that telehealth, when administered effectively, can improve healthcare quality and access while also decreasing costs. He shares his journey from respiratory therapist to telehealth leader in this interview.
cover of the telehealth heroes podcast season 2, episode 5 with guest dr. stephanie salcedo rossitch
S2 Ep5 — Coping with War and Helplessness featuring Dr. Stephanie Salcedo Rossitch
Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Salcedo Rossitch has experience helping veterans who suffer from PTSD and other mental health problems associated with war or military service. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominating news and discussion around the world, we wanted to bring her on to discuss how individuals can manage their own mental health in times of crisis.Disclaimer:The views expressed in this podcast episode are those of Dr. Rossitch, and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the United States Government or Department of Veterans Affairs.

Season 1

cover of the telehealth heroes podcast season 1, episode 1 with guest dr. elise brisco
EP 1 – How Telemedicine Is Part of This Ms. California’s Mission for Healthy Aging With Dr. Brisco
In the premier episode of Telehealth Heroes, Brandon interviews optometrist Dr. Elise Brisco, co-founder of Hollywood Vision Center and the first-ever sexagenarian winner of the Ms. Woman California beauty pageant. She talks about using telemedicine to treat people worldwide, her patented technology that fights nearsightedness, and promoting her anti-ageist wellness platform from the pageant stage.

Heroes of

Cover of the Heroes of podcast - Intro with Brandon M. Welch
What is Heroes of
We know people in Ukraine. They’re our coworkers and friends. Heroes of tells real stories from the Russian invasion of Ukraine—what our employees went through and what they’re going through now—in their own voices. We have turned over the podcast to these stories at the request of our Ukrainian colleagues. They want you to hear their stories. Listen to the podcasts, and buy a We Stand with Ukraine shirt. All of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders to support their efforts in Ukraine and around the world. In this episode, CEO Brandon Welch talks about the project and what he hopes to accomplish by amplifying the voices of these Ukrainian employeess