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How to optimize your online waiting room

Screenshot of the patient waiting room in the telemedicine software

The customizable waiting room is a feature available for all paid subscriptions. It allows you to add text, pictures, and videos to your online waiting room. When your patients join the waiting room, they will see all the content you’ve placed there. And, since we know healthcare professionals don’t usually have a lot of time for programming, we’ve made the feature super easy to use. For details on how to edit the waiting room, check out our help article on the topic.

The best ways to customize your online waiting room

The customizable waiting room feature is very versatile, so I wanted to talk about a few different ways to take full advantage of its capabilities.


A provider bio is one of the most popular choices. Simply include a picture and information about yourself. While a bio may make introductions easier, it also has the added benefit of showing your patient that they’re in the right place. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even create a video that introduces yourself (just note that the video must be posted on YouTube or Vimeo).

Pre-session tasks

Would your telehealth sessions run smoother if you had your clients perform some pre-session tasks? Here are some examples:

  • Do you have forms that need to be filled out? Include a link to an online form with some text instructions on your page, or connect with dokbot to automate patient intake and data collection.
  • Explain what the session will involve so clients can prepare properly, including grabbing equipment, changing clothes, etc.
  • Instruct your clients to perform a connection test using doxybot. This will prepare them for the technical aspects of the telemedicine call.
  • Perhaps you’re a mental healthcare provider, and you like your clients to perform a guided meditation before the session. You can put a video right in your waiting room.
  • And there could be hundreds of other discipline-specific examples too. Just remind your clients to show up early enough to finish these tasks before the call starts.

Create a relaxing environment

A relaxing environment can improve patient outcomes in hospital settings. So why not make your waiting room a place where your clients can relax and decompress? By adding a YouTube video, you can play music or share ambient nature scenes with your patients before a call.


The waiting room is a perfect place to teach. Much like many brick-and-mortar offices hang posters and The waiting room is a perfect place to teach. Like the posters and diagrams hanging on the walls in brick-and-mortar offices, you can inform clients about the common ailments in your field. Here are just a few examples:

  • Sleep doctors can include information about sleep apnea
  • Endocrinologists can include information on diabetes
  • Orthopedists can describe common joint injuries

And it doesn’t have to be educational in these same ways, either. You could inform them about what your field of study is, common reasons to see a provider like you, or even what the capital of Assyria was. The waiting room is your place to share anything.

How to Optimize Your Online Waiting Room -

Your waiting room could look like this too.

Benefits to editing your online waiting room

What benefits will you gain from a well-constructed waiting room?

  1. Confident clients
  2. Informed patients
  3. More time, less effort

So what are you waiting for? Log in to your account and get started on your perfect online waiting room today.