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New Feature: Patient Queue

Screenshot of the patient queue feature showing the next patients in line for an appointment

We are excited to announce our latest feature, Patient Queue. Patient Queue will provide more information on your patients and allow you to use a few features in the waiting room. Just click the 3 dots to the right of your patient’s name.

Our new patient queue will tell you the following:

  • If a patient allowed access to their camera and microphone
  • How long the patient has been waiting
  • Location of the patient
  • What type of device they are on
  • Operating System
  • Wi-fi strength (Coming Soon)
  • What browser they are on
  • Timer that shows you how long you have been on a call

You will be able to do the following:

  • Collect payments from the waiting room
  • Send/receive a file from the waiting room
  • Send a chat message
  • Start an audio only call
  • End Call (remove patient from the waiting room)

Patient Queue will be available to everyone during beta testing. After beta testing it will be a feature on our Professional and Clinic plans.

For questions or comments, you can email